dr. brian scolari

From the age of six years old people would ask Brian what he wanted to be when he grew up, “a chiropractor” he’d say. Strange response for a six year old one might think. He didn’t even know what a chiropractor did until a skateboarding accident years later landed him at one. That first trip to the chiropractor was all it took for him, he was sure that was what he was supposed to do with his life.

The reaction most people have the first time they meet Dr. Brian Scolari is, “Are you old enough to be a chiropractor?” Full of vibrancy and youth indeed, Dr. Brian believes you get what you put into life. Fill your life and body with good, positive, natural concepts and all good things will come. Health doesn’t come from a pill; it also doesn’t happen over night, it’s the way in which you choose to live your life.

Dr. Brian grew up in Warren Michigan; he went to DeLaSalle High School and graduated in 1992. From there he went on to Wayne State University for his undergrad work. He then packed up and moved all the way down to Georgia where he attended Life University and spent his next four years.

It was there that he learned all the necessary chiropractic methods and techniques. However, one in particular really grabbed his attention. “Upper cervical” This is the theory that all nerves and nerve endings flow through the top two bones of the neck, the only two vertebra in the spine (the atlas & the axis) that can freely move on their own. What this means is that they are the easiest two vertebra to knock out of alignment. This being so, think of your brain being the computer system to your entire body, every nerve ending that you have connects and flows through those top two bones to send signals to your brain which makes everything work properly. Now, if those top two bones are misaligned, the brain won’t be able to get those signals and any number of things can be wrong. Not just neck and back pain, body malfunction, Asthma, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, high blood pressure, migraines, numbness in arms and legs, TMJ etc…

After graduating from Life University in 2000, Dr. Scolari opened his own practice in Shelby Township Michigan and has been there ever since. Specializing in Upper Cervical care, he takes a very specific set of X-Rays on each new patient in order to be able to explain exactly where the problem is and how to address it. In addition to focusing on upper cervical care, he uses an array of current alternative technologies such as laser treatment, decompression, and ultrasound. With each new patient, Dr. Scolari promises to provide the best possible care, giving one hundred percent of his energy and focus.

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