Client Testimony


I was first introduced to upper cervical chiropractic’s over ten years ago. I had first heard about this procedure from my mother when I was suffering sharp pains through my neck and head. I had tried every other type of treatment, including traditional chiropractic’s, MD’s, DO’s and rehabilitation. At one point I felt that I may have to live with the pain the rest of my life and I was only 35 years old at the time. Reluctantly I decided to get Dr. Scolari’s contact info from my mother and schedule a consultation.

Dr. Scolari explained to me, that the top two bones in the neck, the atlas and axis, are the only two vertebrae in the entire spine that don’t have an intervertebral disc. He explained that if these are out of alignment there are many ailments and symptoms that may occur in the body. If those two vertebrae are out of alignment it can cause brainstem interference. At first I didn’t believe this, but I had to trust him because I needed hope that the pain would end.

After one upper cervical adjustment I felt some relief. I wasn’t perfect but it was amazing, I could finally feel a sense that there was a potential cure to my pain. By the third adjustment, which was in the first month of meeting Dr. Scolari, I was nearly pain free. With a continued monthly care plan, I eventually became 100% pain free and got to the point where I couldn’t even remember having pain.

Since then, I have continued care and have benefitted greatly by watching my once moderately high blood pressure come down to below the average normal readings and have increased my running endurance and resolved any type of neck or low back pain completely. The term we often use is “clear”, you get a since of complete well-being and clarity that you may have never had before once you begin an upper cervical care plan. Upper cervical care has also greatly improved my entire family’s well-being as my four children and wife have all experienced the great benefits of care. Two of my children had Tic’s while growing up and upper cervical adjustments completely cleared those in both children. Since my wonderful experience, I have referred Dr. Scolari to dozens of people that have all had great success similar to mine. Upper Cervical Care is simply part of my life now and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Rochester, MI